Polpharm: A New Company with Old Roots

Newly incorporated Pol-Pharm Canada Inc., of Hastings, is the exclusive licensed importer of herbal remedies developed and manufactured by Herbapol Poznan and Herbapol Wroclaw, based in Poland.

Our Mission
To leverage the reputation and know-how of our partners in building a top class Canadian Natural Healthcare company focused on the marketing of herbal remedies, with an emphasis on both treatment and prevention.

Herbapol: a name synonymous with pharmaceutical excellence for over 100 years with a long and distinguished history in the European herbal remedy marketplace, boasting a comprehensive product portfolio of over 75 brands, many of which are well known to North American European residents.

As a result of their steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, Herbal Divisions have been the recipient of numerous prestigious healthcare awards such as:

With leading edge technology, and partnerships with renowned research institutes, the group stands poised to continue this heritage of excellence well into the future.

We, at Pol-Pharm, are thrilled with our partnership with Herbapol Poznan and Herbapol Wroclaw, and are excited by the opportunity of bringing such a distinguished line of products to Canada and building a Canadian legacy of which we can be proud.